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We provide best VPS hosting solutions for your hosting needs. Our clients from personal to corporate. Our data center are all over the world to ensure your website is always up. Happy hosting!

Select Standard KVM VPS Plans

Ram CPU SSD Disk Bandwith Price Plan Name
Ram1 GB CPU2 Core SSD Disk35 GB Bandwith2000 GB PriceRs 975 monthlyRs 11300 yearly Plan NameSK1 Order Now
Ram2 GB CPU2 Core SSD Disk65 GB Bandwith3000 GB PriceRs 1944 monthlyRs. 23000 yearly Plan NameSK2 Order Now
Ram3 GB CPU2 Core SSD Disk75 GB Bandwith3500 GB PriceRs 2754 monthlyRs 32700 yearly Plan NameSK3 Order Now
Ram4 GB CPU4 Core SSD Disk100 GB Bandwith4000 GB PriceRs.3564 monthlyRs.42000 yearly Plan NameSK4 Order Now
Ram8 GB CPU4 Core SSD Disk180 GB Bandwith5000 GB PriceRs 6804 monthlyRs 81000 yearly Plan NameSK5 Order Now

Select Premium KVM VPS Plans

Ram CPU NVMe Disk Bandwith Price Plan Name
Ram2 GB CPU1 Core NVMe Disk50 GB Bandwith3000 GB PriceRs 2430 monthlyRs 28500 yearly Plan NamePK1 Order Now
Ram4 GB CPU2 Core NVMe Disk100 GB Bandwith4000 GB PriceRs 4212 monthlyRs. 50000 yearly Plan NamePK2 Order Now
Ram6 GB CPU3 Core NVMe Disk150 GB Bandwith4500 GB PriceRs 6156 monthlyRs 72700 yearly Plan NamePK3 Order Now
Ram8 GB CPU4 Core NVMe Disk200 GB Bandwith5000 GB PriceRs.8100 monthlyRs.96000 yearly Plan NamePK4 Order Now
Ram16 GB CPU4 Core NVMe Disk400 GB Bandwith6000 GB PriceRs 16204 monthlyRs 192000 yearly Plan NamePK5 Order Now

Select Massive KVM VPS Plans

Ram CPU HDD Disk Bandwith Price Plan Name
Ram1 GB CPU2 Core HDD Disk325 GB Bandwith5000 GB PriceRs 972 monthlyRs 11300 yearly Plan NameMK1 Order Now
Ram2 GB CPU2 Core NVMe Disk650 GB Bandwith7500 GB PriceRs 1944 monthlyRs. 23000 yearly Plan NameMK2 Order Now
Ram3 GB CPU2 Core HDD Disk1000 GB Bandwith10000 GB PriceRs 2754 monthlyRs32500 yearly Plan NameMK3 Order Now
Ram4 GB CPU2 Core HDD Disk1350 GB Bandwith10000 GB PriceRs.3564 monthlyRs.42000 yearly Plan NameMK4 Order Now
Ram8GB CPU4 Core HDD Disk2650 GB Bandwith10000 GB PriceRs 6966 monthlyRs 83000 yearly Plan NameMK5 Order Now
Ram12 GB CPU4 Core HDD Disk4000 GB Bandwith10000 GB PriceRs 10368 monthlyRs 124000 yearly Plan NameMK6 Order Now

Select Openvz VPS Plans

Ram CPU SSD Disk Bandwith Price Plan Name
Ram1 GB CPU1 Core SSD Disk40 GB Bandwith1000 GB PriceRs 567 monthlyRs 6500 yearly Plan NameOV1 Order Now
Ram2 GB CPU2 Core SSD Disk60 GB Bandwith2000 GB PriceRs 1134 monthlyRs. 13300 yearly Plan NameOV2 Order Now
Ram4 GB CPU2 Core SSD Disk80 GB Bandwith3000 GB PriceRs 2268 monthlyRs 26900 yearly Plan NameOV3 Order Now
Ram6 GB CPU2 Core SSD Disk100 GB Bandwith3500 GB PriceRs.3402 monthlyRs.40400 yearly Plan NameOV4 Order Now
Ram8GB CPU2 Core SSD Disk120 GB Bandwith4000 GB PriceRs 4536 monthlyRs 54000 yearly Plan NameOV5 Order Now
Ram16 GB CPU2 Core SSD Disk200 GB Bandwith5000 GB PriceRs 9072 monthlyRs 108000 yearly Plan NameOV6 Order Now

Cloud VPS Hosting Features

Easy Upgrade

All VPS plans on C9 solution is upgraded in single click just go to our client panel select service and click on upgrade plan and you done.

24/7 Support

We are very much active at support providing. You will get 24x7 support from experience support agents at C9 solution.

99.99 Uptime

Our servers runs on multiple tiers providing 99.99 percent uptime guarantee.You will not experience down time while using C9 Solution services

High Performance

We provide high performance web hosting.We achieve this high performance due to host on hight specs servers and tier 1 datacenter.

Multiple Data Centers

We have multiple data center to make website always live on server.All data centers are tier 1 datacenter.

Money Back Warranty

We provide 30 days money back guarantee without any question.So that you can order our services without any hassle.

General Questions

What is KVM VPS?

KVM(kernel-based Virtual Machine) is a vps in which resources are dedicated and not shared with other vpses on the same machine.So if you assigned 2 cores then you will always have 2 cores available to use its 100%. It is a complete virtualization technology in which each vps have its own kernel unlike openvz which shared the host node(Node in which all vps runs) kernel.

Can I install custom web hosting control panel on my VPS?

Yes, you can install any hosting control panel you like.With HostIcron you will get option for DirectAdmin control panel installation however you can install any contorl panel like cpanel,plesk,Webuzo,vesta etc.

What is the main advantage of using KVM VPS hosting?

There are two advantages of using kvm vps first stable performance and second kernel modification.First point is acheive because of resources are dedicated not shared so you will always have stable performance.To understand the second advantage i am giving you a example say if you want to add additional swap space in kvm then that is possible.But this operation is not possible in openvz vps(container based virtualization or OS level of virtualization) due to it shares the host node kernel.

Can I upgrade my cheap VPS hosting package?

Yes, you can upgrade your cheap VPS hosting packages anytime and just with few simple clicks.You grow as your website traffic grow up but we would not suggest to downgrade due to data loss.

What kind of VPS server assistance will I get?

We offer you best and cheapest unmanaged or partly managed VPS hosting services.It means we can install your os for you monitor network 24x7x365for DDoS & hardware interference and install your control panel or other software you require.You can also install yourself via yum or apt-get command with root permission.

How long it will take my VPS to deliver?

Once you order it will take 1/2 hour to deliver your server.If you choose Control panel install it will take 2 hours to deliver.We are working to deliver instantly.

How do i Re-install and reset my vps?

Please open ticket we will reset it for your within 15 minutes.

What is openvz VPS?

In openvz vps kernal is shared among all vps.It means kernel on host machine is shared among all vps hosted on the machine.You can not create swap space on openvz vps or other kernel level modification is not allowed.

30 days money back satisfication guarantee

If you not satisfy with C9 Solution, we will refund your payment. No hassle, no risk. You can cancel plan at any time.

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